Thursday, December 13, 2012

could not load microsoft windows media player firefox plugin in Chrome

I was having this issue.

  1. Check Windows Media Player is installed on your box. Control Panel - Windows Features - Media Features - Windows Media Player.
  2. Install the Firefox Plugin from here
  3. Install the Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome from here

Try now

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google Play services won't update and can't remote install

I have been having issues for a few months with Google Play and my Nexus One running MIUI. Whenever I went to Google Play Store I'd get the following error.
 But checking the phone showed that I have the latest version, (I even got the apk and installed manually), also I can't remote install any app that I used to. I wiped Google Play, uninstalled updates, also wiped Google Play Services data, still nothing. I had given it up as because I was on a custom rom, but I noticed the other day that my Google Talk app wasn't working, no matter what I did it wouldn't work.

So decided to reinstall the gapps from. Downloads This fixed my Google Talk issues and it fixed my Google Play issues, I assume Google sends down messages using Google Talk, which then uses IPC to call Google Play to start off the downloads, or not. Hope this helps someone else.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Least amount of permissions for creating scheduled tasks in Windows 7

I am currently looking at creating Scheduled tasks and I needed to find the permissions needed for creating Schedudled Tasks, usually I would use ProcMon and look for ACCESS_DENIED but it wasn't helping me. Firstly I created a user with zero permissions and ran my tool that would create a Task, it threw an error saying it can't.
runas /user:NoPerms TaskScheduler.exe
I then gave permissions to "%SystemRoot%\Tasks" and it still wouldn't work, after some searching I figured out there is another Tasks folder in "%SystemRoot%\System32\Tasks" That is all that is needed.