Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well here is a list of things on my to do list, of things I'm planning on doing or looking at, I will be updating this as I complete them

Books to read

  • Art of Unit Testing

  • DDD

  • Applying DDD with .net

  • Code Complete 2

  • Pragmatic Programmer

  • Working Effectively with Legacy Code

  • Passionate Programmer

  • Mythical Man Month

Things to Do

  • TASM Series

  • Ruby for the C# Programmer Series

  • Dissecting Malware

  • Design Patterns Series

  • Dieting for Programmers!


  • Finish Website -27-April-2010

  • Restart the blog-07-April-2010

  • WPF Auto Follow Friday

  • OpenRASTA site checker - 16/05/2010

  • Ruby CD System

  • Virtua Tennis Savegame Editor

  • DirectX Game, rebuild and update

  • XNA Breakout Game

  • OpenGL Breakout Game

  • Abstracted Game using DirectX, XNA and OpenGL

  • UnrealScript Mod

  • Source Engine MOD, USEMP

That's it for now, I'm sure I'm forgetting loads! But that's enough to start me with, anything else I'm missing?


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