Monday, May 24, 2010

Facebook Privacy Checks

Here is a list of Facebook Privacy scanners I've found.

1.) Save Face by Untangle is an automated script that will go through your settings and disable them.

All you have to do is drag it on to your Bookmark toolbar for later.

2.) Reclaim Privacy, which is a scanner which gives you a breakdown on which settings / info you are leaking to the internet, as 1.) you just need to drag the bookmark on to your bookmarks toolbar.

Now you should log in to Facebook and click number 1, it will automatically go through your settings. (Easier to turn on Info then turn it off in my books)

Now click number 2, then update any settings it tells you to. Some I leave public, such as "find me via search" and "send me a message" set to everyone.

Now once you've done that we have another link to click.

3.) Profile Watch, this will scan your profile as an external person could and will show you info you are still showing the world.

4.) Honourable mention is an Application, so this shows you what your Apps can see about you and send to people.

Privacy Check

Hopefully this helps everyone!


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