Friday, July 30, 2010

HTC Desire SPP 2.1 Issues

If you have an HTC Desire and you are having issues with your Bluetooth code, such as:

  • Service Discovery doesn't work or flaky
  • Can't see Misc devices, i.e. those with a Bluetooth device type of Headset, Phone or Comp
  • If you have issues communicating via SPP (Serial Port Profile)
  • Just plain not working
You will need to upgrade the ROM on the phone, these may all be fixed with HTC Desire 2.2 update which out "today", but if not its the bluez bluetooth code that has been fixed.

The only ROM that fully supports all of this is the ROM, I've tried all ROMS this one is the only one that works correctly, but its based on the Nexus One ROM, so you won't have Sense, but if someone updates the ROMs with the latest BlueZ stuff, it *should* work.

OpenSource ftw?

I had similar issues when developing for a J2ME app on my old K800i, but what could I do?

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