Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Western Union Scam! Another one.

Firslty, the scam.

"Don't send me money, just send it someone else, friend or family and show me proof you can afford to buy the product / rent the room etc, show me proof using a photocopy of the receipt"

How the scam works?

Western Union, don't need any proof of you or the recipient to take the money, ridiculous if you ask me!

Secondly, a list of scammers I'm picking up along the way, I'll be adding to it:

anzy84@hotmail.com / Anzia Scott

timmsproperty@gmail.com / Sherwood Tim

amoo9989@hotmail.com / Amoo Raymond

aidataube@yahoo.de / Aida Taube

Phone numbers

070 2404 4128
07045 766243
07045 734145

ct you, they are scammers. The more people who can the address, the better.

If in doubt, never use Western Union and use TinEye.com for reverse picture search.


  1. also 0704 numbers are 'personal numbers'. You can set the tariff on them and charge ££ per min

  2. Anonymous16:06

    Was nearly conned, £800, by someone claiming to be 'Aida Taube'. Really hope we can alert as many people as possible.
    Went on about the Western Union route, and the morning before I was to send the money - called Western Union to double check that one would need positive ID or passport to get the money and they agreed. Little did I know! I was saved by the man at the shop who refused to take my money when I insisited that I knew what I was doing and that my money was goin gto be saved. Still as shocked as ever.