Monday, October 31, 2011

dotless Configuration Options

Unless my googling is failing me, I can't find any documentation on the dotless configuration for Web.Config, so I've gone through the code, I think I understand the different options
  • minifyCss
    • true or false
    • Minifies the CSS output
  • cache
    • true or false
    • Caches the CSS after being created
  • web
    • true or false
    • if true, this uses http specifc options,  must be set when using on the web,  Response.Cache, Request.QueryString for parameters, Server.MapPath for mapping, puts the Log Messages in the Response
    • if false, uses in memory cache, uses console logger,  uses paramaters from the console, 
  • log
    • info, debug, warn, error, default
  • optimization
      • 0-n
      • Optimizes the output...
  • source
    • How dotless reads the files of interface IFileReader, its the type usually FileReader but can be VirtualFileReader which uses HostingEnvironment.VirtualPathProvider
  • logger
    • Can be set but then gets overidden by the "web" boolean, there are AspNetTraceLogger (HttpContext.Trace.Write), aspResponseLogger (Response.Write as Css), ConsoleLogger (Console.Write), DiagnosticsLogger (Debug.WriteLine) and NullLogger (Swallows).

  <dotless minifyCss="false" cache="false" web="true" log="debug"
           logger="dotless.Core.Loggers.AspNetTraceLogger" />

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  1. Chris01:48

    My Google was failing me too - until I came across your post. Thanks very much for this post.
    This stuff should really be documented on!