Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google Play services won't update and can't remote install

I have been having issues for a few months with Google Play and my Nexus One running MIUI. Whenever I went to Google Play Store I'd get the following error.
 But checking the phone showed that I have the latest version, (I even got the apk and installed manually), also I can't remote install any app that I used to. I wiped Google Play, uninstalled updates, also wiped Google Play Services data, still nothing. I had given it up as because I was on a custom rom, but I noticed the other day that my Google Talk app wasn't working, no matter what I did it wouldn't work.

So decided to reinstall the gapps from. Downloads This fixed my Google Talk issues and it fixed my Google Play issues, I assume Google sends down messages using Google Talk, which then uses IPC to call Google Play to start off the downloads, or not. Hope this helps someone else.


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