Wednesday, June 04, 2014

HTML5 Flappy Bird Tutorial

As part of my job as Technical Architect, I try to introduce our developers into parts of development which they won't really get involved in with their normal development activities, out of the topics suggested, an HTML5 Game was highest for the first week

I had signed up to's mailing list which shows his games he made with the Phaser Framework and one of those was a Flappy Bird clone which he also wrote a tutorial for, I found this one perfect to pique the interest of the developers, so here are the links to all 3 tutorials.

Here are the tutorials

I also use Mongoose Web Server as it is simple to run these tutorials as they need a web server to allow showing the resources.

This is the final one you get to play Final Flappy Bird Clone

And here is a picture of the set up of the night showing it off.


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